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Septic Services Offered

As a family-owned & operated company, Suburban Septic Service Inc is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable septic services to the Northeast Ohio area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and please get in touch with any additional questions or to request a quote for any service offered.

Certified, licensed, and registered as an Installer, Service Provider, and Septage Hauler/Pumper in the following Ohio Counties.

  • Cuyahoga County

  • Lorain County

  • Medina County

  • Summit County

At this time, we are no longer offering cleaning services in the following Ohio counties: Geauga, Lake, Portage, or Stark County.  

Please contact your local health district for a list of septic haulers/ pumpers in your county. 

 Installation of New Household Sewage Treatment System / "Septic System" 

  • New Construction 

  • Replacement of existing, failing septic system

  • On-Lot (Drip Distribution, Mound, Peat, Spray)

  • Off-Lot Discharging System - NPDES 

  • Free On-Site Evaluation & Quote with the owner of Suburban Septic Service Inc to discuss your project's specific needs and system best suited for your property

  • Referral for Design Plans

Steps for Replacement:

The first step towards a replacement septic system is to have a site review completed through your local health department. The site review determines what type of septic system you would be approved for replacement; either an on-lot (drip, mound, peat, spray) or an off-lot (NPDES) septic system. The county inspectors will observe land contours and land characteristics during the site review to determine if it’s feasible to fit an on-lot system. If it is feasible, the inspector will inform you of the next step in the process, contacting a certified soil scientist for an analysis to determine if the soil if adequate for a septic replacement. If an on-lot septic system is not feasible, then the health department will advise the off-lot NPDES system (discharging into a storm sewer or river).

On-Lot Household Sewage Treatment System:

Drip Distribution System:

We were one of the first and remain one of the only companies in the state of Ohio to be listed as an approved drip distribution assurance party by the Ohio Department of Health. 

To view our assurances, please visit the links below to The Ohio Department of Health's Website.

Suburban Septic Services Delta Environmental Drip Distribution Manual

Suburban Septic Services Aqua-Aire and Aqua Safe Drip Distribution Owners Manual

Installation of Off-Lot Discharging NPDES Septic System 


Replacement NPDES Septic System  - If an on-lot septic system is not feasible, then the health department will advise the installation of an off-lot NPDES system (discharging into a storm sewer or river).

  • Aqua Safe 

  • Jet

  • Whitewater

Residential & Commercial Septic System Cleanings

During the cleaning of your septic or aeration system, our technician will inspect the sludge and water levels in each tank, clean the aerator shaft, and note the condition of the tanks, risers, lids on risers, baffles, and tees.

A pumping report form is submitted to the local health department upon completion of cleaning. 

The average residential septic system should be cleaned or "pumped" out by a licensed hauler every 2-4 years depending on the size of the systems (gallons), household occupancy, and water usage. The cost of a cleaning is dependent upon the number of gallons pumped, location of the system, and access to the lids. 


Please submit a request below if you are unsure of the size of your septic system. A member of our knowledgeable staff will be in touch promptly after corresponding with your local health district. 

Cleaning your septic tank or system helps ensure your system continues to function properly, and prevents the occurrence of emergency back ups/overflows of water and sewage effluent inside your home or yard, and the financial burden of costly repairs and early system failure. 

Grease Trap Cleanings

  • Kitchen Sink Grease Trap

  • Small Interior Grease Trap

  • Large Exterior Grease Trap

  • Upon request, an evaluation of grease trap will be given to determine the cost of cleaning.

  • Contact us today for current pricing and available discounts for recurring appointments.

Operations and Maintenance Service Contracts


1 Year Service Contract for Off-Lot NPDES Systems & On-Lot Drip Distribution Systems

A continuing service policy for any system distributed by Suburban Septic Service Inc is immediately available for purchase following the installation and 2 year warranty service period.

  • Service Provider - Off-Lot Discharging Systems NPDES Permit Systems

    • Ecological Tanks, Inc - Aqua Safe Aerobic Treatment Unit

    • Delta Treatment Systems - Whitewater Aerobic Treatment Unit​

The permit obtained from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) Division of Surface Water to install an "NPDES" Septic System - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, requires the owner of a discharging septic system to have an "Operations and Maintenance" Service Contract with a licensed Service Provider for the lifespan of the system.  

  • Service Provider - On-Lot Systems 

    • Delta Whitewater Drip Distribution System

    • Ecological Aqua Safe Drip Distribution System

  • When necessary, the replacement of mechanical devices (i.e., air compressors, discharge pumps), and broken or worn-out parts, is completed upon diagnosis and homeowner approval.

  • We offer our loyal customers the incentive of discounted replacement parts and services for their continued compliance with HSTS Permit requirements with the purchase of a continuing service contract.


  • As a distributor, we can ensure approved, quality replacement devices and parts are immediately available for installation at the time of unexpected failure or accidental damage.

Routine service and maintenance of a septic system prevents odors and nuisance public health and environmental conditions. Depending on the age and complexity of your system, a service contract may be required. This will help protect the investment in your property and septic system while protecting the health of you, your family, and neighbors. 

Real Estate Residential Septic Inspection:


Evaluation of Existing Residential Septic System/ Sewage Treatment System

 Requirements for Residential Septic Inspection:

  •  Tests will be performed that necessitate entrance into the home. 

  • The water and electric are on at time of inspection.

  • No evaluations should be requested where any septic tank or aerobic treatment unit were pumped within the previous 30 days, as this would invalidate the results of the dye test and inspection results.


Discharge/ Sump Pump

  • Discharge/ Dose Pumps available for delivery and installation. 

Jet 700++ Aerator

  • New Jet 700++ Aerators available for purchase at shop upon appointment only. 

  • We offer a discount for the exchange of any generic or brand name failed aerator.

  • Delivery and Installation services available. 

  • Limited 30-month manufacturer warranty

​Air Compressor

  • Installation of New and Rebuilt Air Compressor (Aerator Compressor) 

  • Rebuilt Air Compressor available at a discounted rate


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