Installation of New or Replacement Septic System:

  • We provide free quotes for the installation of new septic system for new home instruction and replacement septic systems

  • Replacement/upgrade of existing septic system

  • Repair Jobs

Residential & Commercial Septic System Cleaning:  

Our technicians will inspect the tank level(s), clean the aerator shaft, and ensure your system is functioning properly. Residential septic systems should be cleaned out by a licensed septage hauler every 2-3 years depending on the water usage of the home. Most residential septic tanks need to be cleaned every two to four years, depending on the size of the system and the number of people using it. Septic cleanings help keep your system functioning properly and prevent failure, emergency back ups into your home and yard, and costly repairs. 

The cost of residential and commercial cleanings range from $250.00 to $500.00 depending on the type and size (gallons) of the septic system. If you are unsure of the size or type of septic system on your property, please submit a request below and we will be in touch after contacting the local health department to determine the size of your system.

Grease Trap Cleanings:

  • Kitchen Sink Grease Trap

  • Small Interior grease traps

  • Large Exterior grease traps

  • Upon request, an evaluation of grease trap will be given to determine the cost of cleaning.

  • Contact us today for current pricing and to learn about available discounts for setting up reoccurring appointments. 


Free Estimates:​​​​

  • Installation of septic system for new home construction

  • Installation of replacement system

  • Upgrade existing system/ repairs


​​​Maintenance Agreements Available:

  • NPDES Aqua Safe /Whitewater Aerobic Unit

  • Drip Disposal System

Proper operation and maintenance of the systems ensure it functions properly and prevents odors, nuisance conditions, and exposure to sewage effluent. Depending on the complexity of your system, a service contract may be required. Proper operation and maintenance of your system protects the investment you have made in your property and system.

Septic System Inspection:  

Real Estate inspections are done privately at the cost of $250.00. The inspections require access to the interior of the home to flush toilets and run water throughout the house to verify the flow factor of the system and how it discharges. Additionally, interior plumbing and electrical related to the septic will be inspected to verify it's in compliance with county regulations.  

Discharge Pumps:

We install hydromatic and sta-rite sump pumps in septic/aeration systems. Typically, a septic cleaning is completed prior to the installation of a new pump. 


Jet Aerators are available for pick up at our shop upon request with or without the exchange of a homeowner's failed/existing aerator. The cost is determined by the value of the aerator available for trade in. 

​Air Compressors:  

HP80 Air Unit available for Whitewater & Aqua Safe Aerobic Units

Rebuilt Air Compressors available at a discounted rate