Septic System Cleanings:  

We offer cleaning services for both residential and commercial septic systems. 

Included in the cost of cleaning the system our technicians will inspect the tank level(s), clean the aerator shaft and ensure the rest of your system is functioning properly. We recommend residential septic systems be cleaned out every 2-3 years to keep your system running efficiently and to prevent any costly repairs. 

Cost of septic cleaning: 

The price to clean out a residential or commercial septic system ranges from $200 to $500. The cost depends on the type of system and how many gallons of waste will need emptied. If you are unsure of the size of your septic system we will personally contact your local health department to determine the size and give you a free quote.

Grease Trap Cleanings:

We provide services for any type of grease trap. They range in size from the smallest being under a kitchen sink to large capacity grease traps outside a facility. Patrick Valentine, the owner of Suburban Septic Service Inc, would personally come to your facility and give a free estimate for the cost to clean your facilities specific grease trap and also determine how often the grease trap should be emptied.

Free Estimates:​​​​

We provide free estimates for septic system replacements, new installation of septic systems, and miscellaneous repairs needed.


​​​Maintenance Agreements Available for Purchase:

This annual service agreement includes us coming to your property twice per year.  We change all filters and do a complete system check. Suburban Septic Service Inc will also send a copy to the County Health Department each time a system is serviced as well as sending the service agreement to your local health department when you sign up annually.


  • The cost of a 1 year NPDES Aqua Safe Service Agreement/Whitewater Aerobic Unit Service Agreement is $225.00.

  • The cost of a 1 year Drip Disposal System Service Agreement is $350.00.

Septic Inspection:  

Realtor, lender, and homeowner inspections are done privately at the cost of $200.00. We do need to get inside the home so that we can flush toilets and run water throughout the house that is needed to verify the flow factor of the system and how it discharges.  We also will look at all interior plumbing and electrical related to the septic system to make sure it meets county regulations.  

Discharge Pumps:

We install hydromatic and sta-rite sump pumps in your septic/aeration system.  Typically the system is emptied at the time we install a new pump.  

Aerators for Sale or Repair:  

We sell and install new Jet Aerators with or without a trade-in.  If a customer would like to trade in their existing aerator the cost is then determined by the value of the trade. The cost for a new aerator typically ranges from $550.00 to $750.00 with the installation fee included in the price.

​Air compressors:  

We install a HP80 Air Unit in all of our Whitewater & Aqua Safe Aerobic Units.  The cost to replace a unit is determined by if you have a continuing service agreement in place with us.  You can also purchase a new or rebuilt air unit on our site. See store for pricing.