About Us

        The septic system professionals of Suburban Septic Service have been using their expertise in the design, installation, cleaning, and servicing of residential & commercial septic systems in Northeast Ohio for nearly 35 years. As a small, family-owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on excellent customer relations and prompt, professional service. We offer free quotes for the installation of off-lot and on-lot Home Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS) or "septic systems" for new home construction and the replacement of existing, failing septic systems. We provide routine maintenance service for 2 years after the system is installed. Then, an annual service contract is available for purchase to ensure your septic system continues operating property and does not discharge untreated or insufficiently treated sewage effluent.  Additionally, we offer competitive rates for septic cleanings and do our best to accommodate emergency and time sensitive situations at no additional charge. The average septic system should be cleaned every 2-4 years depending upon the size of the septic system (gallons), the household size, and water usage. Routine septic system inspections and cleanings can save you thousands of dollars by extending the life of your system and prevently costly repairs or early system failure. 


Routine Septic System Maintenance & Cleanings help Protect:

  1. Your Home Value

  2. The Environment 

  3. Public Health - The Health of You, Your Family & Neighbors 

To learn more, visit www.epa.gov/septic.