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About Us

​Suburban Septic Service Inc is a family-owned and operated septic system installation, cleaning, and service company, founded by Patrick Valentine in 1987, with the investment in one small, pumper truck. The company quickly expanded with Patrick's knowledge and experience in the wastewater treatment industry as he trained and became a licensed and registered Installer and Service Provider for multiple types of household sewage treatment systems (HSTS) approved by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Once again, the company expanded in 1998, when Suburban Septic Service Inc became a licensed distributor for multiple manufacturers of Wastewater Treatment Systems, Delta Environmental and Ecological Tanks, Inc. 


Nearly 35 years later, Suburban Septic Service Inc remains one of few septic companies in Northeast Ohio, that is licensed, bonded, and insured as an Installer, Service Provider, and Septage Hauler. As an Installer and Service Provider of both off-lot discharging systems covered under the NPDES General Permit as well as on-lot discharging systems, i.e., Drip Distribution and Mound Systems, our team of septic professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the design, install, and maintenance of systems approved by the ODH.


​Suburban Septic Service Inc takes great pride in our excellent relations with our customers, local health districts and regulatory authorities, manufacturers, and other Installers we distribute systems to. We work closely with all parties to ensure the continued proper operation of wastewater treatment systems in the Northeast Ohio area for the protection of public and environmental health. The permit obtained from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) Division of Surface Water to install an National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES), requires the owner of a discharging HSTS to maintain a service contract with a licensed Service Provider for the life of their system. We offer continuing service contracts available for purchase at the completion of the initial two-year service period following the installation of a new or replacement system. Additionally, we offer our loyal customers the incentive of discounted replacement parts and services for their continued compliance with the permit requirements with their purchase of a continuing service contract. As a distributor, we can ensure approved, quality replacement devices and parts are immediately available for installation at the time of unexpected failure or accidental damage. When necessary, the replacement of mechanical devices (i.e., air compressors, discharge pumps), and broken or worn-out parts, is completed upon diagnosis and with the homeowner’s approval.

As a small, and family-owned, and operated company, we are dedicated to providing prompt, professional service at an affordable cost to the residents of Northeast Ohio. Please call (330) 722-4262 or email to schedule a free on-site evaluation and quote for the installation of a new system for new house construction or the replacement of an existing, failed household sewage treatment system. 

Suburban Septic Service Inc is certified, licensed, and registered as

an Installer, Service Provider, and Septage Hauler/Pumper in the following Ohio Counties.

  • Cuyahoga County

  • Lorain County

  • Medina County

  • Summit County

At this time, we are no longer offering install, pumping, or real estate septic inspection services in the following counties: Geauga, Lake, Portage, or Stark County. Please contact your local health district for a list of household sewage treatment system installers in your county. 


Please see the following images taken during the installation of new and replacement septic systems throughout Northeast Ohio.